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      April 28th, 2017

      Popping back here for a moment as we’ve just been told that AST has just bought Russian rights to Steampunk! […]

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      August 8th, 2014

      We have 2 copies of Monstrous Affections to give away here!

    • Monstrous Affections!

      July 21st, 2014

      New book, ToC, starred review, events! This September Candlewick will be publishing our second YA anthology, yay! This one, disappointingly, […]

    • Mechanical tiger

      May 20th, 2013

      There’s a ton of fascinating steampunk things out there in the world, but this mechanical tiger really takes the biscuit. It […]

    • AWP in Boston

      March 6th, 2013

      The paperback is flying off the shelves, yay! Hey, Kelly and I will be in Boston this week for the […]

Indies Choice finalist

March 10th, 2012

Indie Choice logoWe’re over the moon* to see that Steampunk! is a finalist for the Indies Choice Book Awards. As two former booksellers (who met while working in a bookstore) this means a lot to us. Plus, there are a lot of great books on that list!

For poetic justice I kind of hope Shine by Lauren Myracle wins in the YA category. Also, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen must win the picture book award. There’s still half a chance we will be at BEA, you never know, so maybe we will see in person who wins.

* Ok, so we’re actually in New Zealand at the Writers Week, but it is very away from home and it is awesome to be here so it is sort of like being over the moon.

And this week we get to meet Dylan Horrocks, whose Hicksville we’ve been a fan of for years. I even bought a second copy of it (somewhere, where?) because it was signed. Which explains, I suppose, why I do not have it here. Eek!


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