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Publication Day!—and a giveaway

October 11th, 2011

Steampunk! Home Page Header - GearsWe came up with the idea of this book almost three years ago(!), on September 23rd, 2008, in Holly Black’s car on the way back from a wedding in New York City and were hugely excited when Candlewick bought it in May 2009. It’s been a crazy couple of years and it is so great to have this beautiful book to put into people’s hands. Or onto their ebook reader. Or audiobook device. How awesome is all that?

We have to thank the baker’s dozen of authors whose stories have brought in five starred reviews (still knocked out by that!); the cover artist Yuko Shimizu who created the totally fabulous eye-catching cover; Nathan Pyritz the designer; Kelly’s agent (the hardest working person in publishing!) Renee Zuckerbrot; and, of course, our excellent editor, Deborah Wayshak!

So to celebrate we recommend Rosie’s Bakery in Cambridge (since Rosie was a fireball at a pre-launch thing we went to for booksellers) and out here in Western Mass I think we’ll set the dinozeppelins free at sunset and watch them float away down the happy valley. Or something. Maybe we’ll just do a book giveaway? I think Kelly and I will offer some signed copies tomorrow. In the meantime . . .

. . .  Goodreads has 3 copies signed by me and Kelly here, here, and here!

and there’s a great review in today’s Shelf Awareness:

“All the stories are of consistent excellence, with surprises galore.”

and here’s a line lifted from Gwenda Bond’s review in the September issue of Locus:

“It’s a rare anthology where all the works included merit mention, but this is one. Even the staunchest of steampunk skeptics—those who think the subgenre is all fashion and steam without fire—should be convinced to give the subgenre its due by these fourteen “fantastically rich and strange” stories.”

Thanks to everyone who worked on the book. We really hope you enjoy it reading it as much as we enjoyed editing it.


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2 responses to “Publication Day!—and a giveaway”

  1. maria says:

    oh, only people from US and canada:(
    that’s not fair

    • Gavin says:

      Sorry Maria! I am guessing it’s to do with shipping (or rights, who knows?). We will do a giveaway next week with a copy signed by a Kelly, me, Holly, and Cassie which will be for everyone!

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