Delia Sherman

Delia Sherman writes historical/folkloric/semi-comic fairy stories with a serious twist. Her short fiction and poetry has appeared in many anthologies, most recently The Beastly Bride, Poe, and Teeth. Her adult novels are Through a Brazen Mirror and The Porcelain Dove (which won the Mythopoeic Award), and, with fellow-fantasist Ellen Kushner, The Fall of the Kings. She has co-edited three anthologies, including The Essential Bordertown with Terri Windling. Her novel, The Freedom Maze, and her New York Between novels, Changeling and The Mirror of the Mermaid Queen, are for younger readers. She is a past member of the James Tiptree Jr. Awards Council, an active member of the Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts, and a founding member of the board of the Interstitial Arts Foundation. Delia has taught writing at Clarion, the Odyssey Workshop in New Hampshire, the Cape Cod Writers’ Workshop, and the American Book Center in Amsterdam. She lives in New York City with Ellen Kushner, travels whenever she gets the chance, and writes wherever she happens to be.